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Welcome to Mr Takeoffs Estimating Inc

We have been in the Building industry for over 30 years, and the single most important thing I have learned is that by having a detailed material list in hand before you start your build...

With Lumber Prices at an ALL Time High You Need A Precise Detailed List of the Materials Needed to Build Your Project. 

We'll minimize the waste so you only pay for what you need.

Will Save You Money!

You dream it, we can help determine the proper materials needed to complete your project.

To throw out a buzzword…we “value engineer” hundreds of projects a month.

From material estimating to product recommendations, Mr. Takeoff is ready to do the number crunching for you and make sure your project is completed as affordable as possible with limited material underage or overages.

We have the best pricing around.

 Each Takeoff priced individually...Not by square foot. Saves You Money.

We are able to keep our cost down due to the sheer volume of takeoffs we do per week. 

Don't let our Price Deter you from getting a Precise Material List Done for About Half of Other Takeoff Services out there.  

Our Takeoffs are broke down by where the material is being used...just as it's being framed.

Very detailed, and very precise.

They are done in an excel spread sheet for easy modifications. We can send them in PDF or Excel form.

Very Easy to read and Understand. 

Sample Takeoffs and References are available.

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New Material Being Added Daily to

this web-site.

Send your PDF blueprints & any questions to:

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